A creative act cannot exist without a starting idea, and fashion may not be considered art in its essential meaning… but it is undoubtedly a creative act.

The basic idea of Donatella De Paoli's collections is that each woman is unique and wonderful… because of her uniqueness! This idea has a concrete development : the creation of easily interchangeable woman's garments that, through different ways of coupling, can be expression of the most different personalities.

The choice of not to impose a pre-established pattern of woman is a so natural consequence that it could pass unnoticed; its reason, on the contrary, is that we want to let each woman have a series of garments through which she can express her own personality and her present mood, instead of beauty standards that can deter her from her most precious blessing: herself.

“A man on the moon will never be so interesting as a woman in the sun” wrote Leopold Fetchner… and we agree.

The courage to choose always and anyway : this is what makes me feel “ freely woman “